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Article from the July 2014 edition
Rebecca Murphy
Please join us in welcoming Rebecca to IAN.
IAN welcomes Rebecca Murphy
Rebecca Murphy joins IAN working at the Chesapeake Bay Program Office examining trends in water quality data. Rebecca earned her PhD from Johns Hopkins where her research involved implementing spatial interpolation to analyze long-term trends in hypoxia and stratification in Chesapeake Bay. She studied at Cornell University for her undergraduate and masters degrees. She has worked in the environmental consulting field in sediment remediation and water quality studies using statistics, GIS, and dynamic modeling tools. Rebecca enjoys identifying and linking the right mix of analysis tools, models, and data to examine environmental problems and is eager to apply these skills to identifying trends and changes in the health of the Chesapeake Bay. Originally from North Carolina, she has lived in Maryland for seven years and loves being so close to the water and learning more about the Bay every day.

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