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Article from the July 2016 edition
CMC participants break for lunch in Carlisle, PA
Members of the Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative enjoy a nice lunch in Carlisle, PA.
Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative heads upstream to Carlisle, PA
The Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative met at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in June. Dickinson College is the home of the Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM), a partner in this project. Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative envisions a Chesapeake community where all data of known quality are used to inform watershed management decisions and restoration efforts. This project is funded by the U.S. EPA's Chesapeake Bay Program and includes several important factors, such as training sessions for non-traditional monitoring groups, a database that incorporates a variety of non-traditional monitoring data, and assessment of the monitoring data (i.e., report cards).

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