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Article from the August 2016 edition
Orinoco River Basin Report Card was released in Bogota, Colombia.
Cesar Suarez, Alexandra Fries, Simon Costanzo, Sarah Freeman and Sindy Martinez at the event.
Orinoco River Basin Report Card released in Bogota, Colombia
On July 6th, the Orinoco River Basin Report Card was released in Bogota, Colombia. Simon Costanzo and Alexandra Fries, along with partners from WWF US and WWF Colombia launched the report card at the Maloka Museum to over 100 attendees. The release included the report card results, several videos highlighting the Orinoco River, an interactive game on how well participants knew the river, and specialty foods from the Orinoco. Overall the report card was a huge success, and stakeholders in the region plan to continue using the report card and improving it over time by adding new indicators and data. To learn more, visit the report card website at orinocoriver.ecoreportcard.org.

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