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Articles from the NPS NCR Resource Stewardship Strategy Tool project
National Park Service's Regional Resource Stewardship Strategy Tool
IAN is working with NPS National Capital Region to develop a Regional Resource Stewardship Strategy database tool.
Designing an NPS Regional Resource Stewardship Strategy Tool Permanent Link
IAN has partnered with the National Park Service for the last seven years to produce their natural resource condition assessment (NRCA) reports. Dr. Simon Costanzo, Dr. Bill Dennison, and Jane Hawkey were invited to partner with the Park Service once again on the prioritization and implementation of recommendations from these completed natural resource reports. At the workshop held November 7, 2016 at Monocacy National Battlefield, National Capitol Region natural and cultural resource park managers were introduced to, and provided feedback on, IAN's preliminary vision of Resource Stewardship Strategy's database tool. This tool will be designed to provide a transparent and justifiable decision-making approach for prioritizing and testing the feasibility of actions to address natural and cultural resource recommendations. It will allow activity input and revisions, and have a sorting function.

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