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Articles from the USFWS: Synthesis of South Atlantic Ecosystem Health Indicators project
The cover of the State of the South Atlantic report
The South Atlantic LCC, together with IAN, released The State of the South Atlantic 2015.
State of the South Atlantic 2015 Permanent Link
The primary objective of this report card was to develop a short synthesis report assessing 11 habitats, using a variety of ecological indicators. The assessment evaluates the ecological integrity of the South Atlantic using natural and cultural resource indicators with indicators scored across the entire region, for individual ecosystems, and within subregions following watershed and ecoregional boundaries. Overall, the South Atlantic scored a C. Piedmont areas scored the lowest, likely due to impacts from their major urban megaregions. The Marine region scored the highest; however, it did not include fishing impacts. The Coastal Plain scores were in the middle. These scores show that, while the South Atlantic is not completely healthy, there's hope for making future improvements. To explore geospatial indicator data and to stay up-to-date on future progress, visit the State of the South Atlantic.

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