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The IAN/UMCES Symbol and Image Libraries are provided completely cost and royalty free for any use, with attribution, except redistribution or sales. Required Attribution: Author Name, Integration and Application Network, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (ian.umces.edu/imagelibrary/).

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Himantopus mexicanus (Black-necked Stilt) Adult black-necked stilt symbol,vector,illustration,wetland,marsh,estuary,migratory,wading,shorebird,Chordata,Aves,Neornithes,Neoaves,Charadriiformes,Charadrii,Recurvirostridae,Himantopus,mexicanus
Himantopus mexicanus (Black-necked Stilt)Vector Graphic (SVG) Tracey Saxby, Catherine WardIntegration and Application Network455 views77 downloads (Details)Adult black-necked stiltAdd to lightbox
Ardeidae (Heron) perched on a skiff Heron perched on a skiff in the fog. 2011reportcardcontest,bversak@dnr.state.md.us,Aves,Neornithes,Neognathae,Neoaves,pelecaniformes,Ardeidae,fog,river
Ardeidae (Heron) perched on a skiffPhoto (JPG) Beth Versak592 views9 downloads (Details)Heron perched on a skiff in the fog.Add to lightbox
Baeolophus bicolor (Tufted Titmouse) A Tufted Titmouse makes a quick take off from the feeder at Oregon Ridge Park, Maryland 2011reportcardcontest,Aves,Paridae,Neoaves,Passeriformes,Passeri,Passerida,Baeolophus,Neornithes,Passeri,feeder,oregon ridge park,bird,chordata,songbird,tufted titmouse
Baeolophus bicolor (Tufted Titmouse)Photo (JPG) Prithviraj Bhosale284 views7 downloads (Details)A Tufted Titmouse makes a quick take off from the feeder at Oregon Ridge Park, MarylandAdd to lightbox
Spiza americana (Dickcissel) Illustration of Spiza americana (Dickcissel) symbol,vector,illustration,bird,dickcissel,Chordata,Aves,Neornithes,Neoaves,Passeriformes,Passeri,Passeroidea,Cardinalidae,Spiza,americana
Spiza americana (Dickcissel)Vector Graphic (SVG) Kim Kraeer, Lucy Van Essen-FishmanIntegration and Application Network350 views63 downloads (Details)Illustration of Spiza americana (Dickcissel)Add to lightbox
Himantopus himantopus (Black-winged Stilt) Illustration of Himantopus himantopus (Black-winged Stilt) symbol,vector,illustration,bird,black-winged,stilt,common,stilt,Chordata,Aves,Neornithes,Neoaves,Charadriiformes,Charadrii,Recurvirostridae,Himantopus,himantopus
Himantopus himantopus (Black-winged Stilt)Vector Graphic (SVG) Tracey SaxbyIntegration and Application Network455 views103 downloads (Details)Illustration of Himantopus himantopus (Black-winged Stilt)Add to lightbox
Himantopus mexicanus (Black-necked Stilt) : eggs Illustration of Himantopus mexicanus (Black-necked Stilt) eggs symbol,vector,illustration,bird,black-necked,stilt,eggs,clutch,Chordata,Aves,Neornithes,Neoaves,Charadriiformes,Charadrii,Recurvirostridae,Himantopus,mexicanus
Himantopus mexicanus (Black-necked Stilt) : eggsVector Graphic (SVG) Tracey SaxbyIntegration and Application Network409 views91 downloads (Details)Illustration of Himantopus mexicanus (Black-necked Stilt) eggsAdd to lightbox
Melanerpes erythrocephalus (Red-headed Woodpecker) Illustration of Melanerpes erythrocephalus (Red-headed Woodpecker) symbol,vector,illustration,bird,red-headed,woodpecker,Chordata,Aves,Neornithes,Neoaves,Piciformes,Pici,Picidae,Picinae,Melanerpes,erythrocephalus
Melanerpes erythrocephalus (Red-headed Woodpecker)Vector Graphic (SVG) Kim Kraeer, Lucy Van Essen-FishmanIntegration and Application Network734 views109 downloads (Details)Illustration of Melanerpes erythrocephalus (Red-headed Woodpecker)Add to lightbox
Dendroica petechia (Yellow Warbler) Illustration of Dendroica petechia (Yellow Warbler) symbol,vector,illustration,bird,yellow,warbler,Chordata,Aves,Neornithes,Neoaves,Passeriformes,Passeri,Passeroidea,Parulidae,Dendroica,petechia
Dendroica petechia (Yellow Warbler)Vector Graphic (SVG) Kim Kraeer, Lucy Van Essen-FishmanIntegration and Application Network677 views105 downloads (Details)Illustration of Dendroica petechia (Yellow Warbler)Add to lightbox

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