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The IAN/UMCES Symbol and Image Libraries are provided completely cost and royalty free for any use, with attribution, except redistribution or sales. Required Attribution: Author Name, Integration and Application Network, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (ian.umces.edu/imagelibrary/).

If you need to use our images without the attribution (credit), you can purchase non-attribution rights to many of our images by clicking the Add to Cart button.

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Branching coral Illustration of a branching coral symbol,vector,illustration,branching,coral,Cnidaria
Branching coralVector Graphic (SVG) Diana KleineMarine Botany UQ3461 views318 downloads (Details)Illustration of a branching coralAdd to lightbox
Quercus alba (White Oak) Illustration of Quercus alba (White Oak) symbol,vector,illustration,white,oak,plant,Plantae,vascular,Magnoliophyta,angiosperm,Magnoliopsida,dicot,Hamamelididae,Fagales,Fagaceae,beech,family,Quercus,alba,tree,deciduous,temperate,hardwood,forest,eastern,United,States,North,America
Quercus alba (White Oak)Vector Graphic (SVG) Tracey SaxbyIntegration and Application Network1384 views318 downloads (Details)Illustration of Quercus alba (White Oak)Add to lightbox
Salix x sepulcralis (Weeping Willow) Illustration of Salix x sepulcralis (Weeping Willow) symbol,vector,illustration,weeping,willow,plant,Plantae,vascular,Magnoliophyta,angiosperm,Magnoliopsida,dicot,Dilleniidae,Salicales,Salicaceae,Salix,×sepulcralis,tree,shrub,perennial,temperate,China,Asia,North,America
Salix x sepulcralis (Weeping Willow)Vector Graphic (SVG) Kim Kraeer, Lucy Van Essen-FishmanIntegration and Application Network1808 views316 downloads (Details)Illustration of Salix x sepulcralis (Weeping Willow)Add to lightbox
Water: sewage treatment plant: tertiary Illustration of a tertiary sewage treatment plant symbol,vector,illustration,development,infrastructure,waste,water,treatment,plant,disposal,sewage,tertiary
Water: sewage treatment plant: tertiaryVector Graphic (SVG) Tracey SaxbyIntegration and Application Network1806 views315 downloads (Details)Illustration of a tertiary sewage treatment plant2 commentsAdd to lightbox
Surf Fishing Illustration of young man surf fishing symbol,vector,illustration,recreation,recreational,outdoors,beach,coast,ocean,surf,fishing,shore,fishing,fisherman,fisher,fisherperson,human,person,people,man,male
Surf FishingVector Graphic (SVG) Tracey SaxbyIntegration and Application Network1144 views314 downloads (Details)Illustration of young man surf fishingAdd to lightbox
Populus tremula (Aspen) Illustration of Populus tremula (Aspen) symbol,vector,illustration,common,aspen,Eurasian,aspen,European,plant,Plantae,vascular,Magnoliophyta,angiosperm,Magnoliopsida,dicot,Dilleniidae,Salicales,Salicaceae,willow,family,Populus,tremula,tree,deciduous,cool,temperate,forest,mountains,Europe,Asia
Populus tremula (Aspen)Vector Graphic (SVG) Kim Kraeer, Lucy Van Essen-FishmanIntegration and Application Network1330 views312 downloads (Details)Illustration of Populus tremula (Aspen)Add to lightbox
Sorghastrum nutans (Indian Grass) Illustration of Sorghastrum nutans (Indian Grass) symbol,vector,illustration,Indian,grass,bunchgrass,perennial,graminoid,tallgrass,prairie,North,America,plant,vascular,Magnoliophyta,angiosperm,flowering,Liliopsida,monocot,Commelinidae,Cyperales,Poaceae,Sorghastrum,nutans
Sorghastrum nutans (Indian Grass)Vector Graphic (SVG) Tracey SaxbyIntegration and Application Network1974 views311 downloads (Details)Illustration of Sorghastrum nutans (Indian Grass)Add to lightbox
Deer overbrowse: tree Illustration of a tree that has been overbrowsed by deer. symbol,vector,illustration,trees,shrubs,vines,tree,environmental degradation,deer,overbrowse,over-browse,
Deer overbrowse: treeVector Graphic (SVG) Tracey SaxbyIntegration and Application Network393 views308 downloads (Details)Illustration of a tree that has been overbrowsed by deer.Add to lightbox
Groundwater Illustration of groundwater symbol,vector,illustration,input,flows,groundwater
GroundwaterVector Graphic (SVG) Tracey SaxbyIntegration and Application Network247 views308 downloads (Details)Illustration of groundwaterAdd to lightbox
Acanthurus achilles (Achilles Tang) Illustration of Achilles Tang (Acanthurus Achilles) symbol,vector,illustration,Achilles tang,Achilles,surgeonfish,Chordata,Actinopterygii,Perciformes,Acanthuridae,Acanthurus,reef fish,coral reef
Acanthurus achilles (Achilles Tang)Vector Graphic (SVG) Joanna WoernerIntegration and Application Network775 views305 downloads (Details)Illustration of Achilles Tang (Acanthurus Achilles)Add to lightbox
Vehicle: SUV Illustration of an SUV (sport utility vehicle) symbol,vector,illustration,transport,vehicle,car,suv,sport,utility
Vehicle: SUVVector Graphic (SVG) Tracey SaxbyIntegration and Application Network989 views305 downloads (Details)Illustration of an SUV (sport utility vehicle)Add to lightbox
Coastline 2D: sea-level rise with increased swell Illustration of a 2D coastline with sea-level rise and increased swell symbol,vector,illustration,coastal,marine,coastline,2d,sea-level,rise,increased,swell
Coastline 2D: sea-level rise with increased swellVector Graphic (SVG) Jane ThomasIntegration and Application Network348 views304 downloads (Details)Illustration of a 2D coastline with sea-level rise and increased swellAdd to lightbox

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