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Banana bunch Illustration of banana bunch symbol,vector,illustration,banana,bunch,plant,herbaceous,vascular,Magnoliophyta,angiosperm,flowering,Liliopsida,monocot,Zingiberidae,Zingiberales,Musaceae,Musa,acuminata,edible,food,commercial,cultivar,tropical,fruit
Banana bunchVector Graphic (SVG) Tracey SaxbyIntegration and Application Network589 views85 downloads (Details)Illustration of banana bunchAdd to lightbox
Pineapple plantation Illustration of pineapple plantation symbol,vector,illustration,agriculture,agricultural,industry,farming,production,landuse,cultivation,pineapple,plantation,field,edible,food,fruit,tropical,plant,Magnoliophyta,angiosperm,flowering,Liliopsida,monocot,Zingiberidae,Bromeliaceae,Ananas,sp.
Pineapple plantationVector Graphic (SVG) Tracey SaxbyIntegration and Application Network585 views91 downloads (Details)Illustration of pineapple plantationAdd to lightbox
Slaughterhouse/abattoir Illustration of slaughterhouse/abattoir symbol,vector,illustration,agriculture,agricultural,industry,farming,production,landuse,animal,products,slaughterhouse,abattoir,meat,livestock,cattle,beef,pig,pork,chicken,sheep,veal,meatpacking,processed
Slaughterhouse/abattoirVector Graphic (SVG) Kate MooreMoreton Bay Waterways and Catchments Partnership585 views46 downloads (Details)Illustration of slaughterhouse/abattoirAdd to lightbox
Helicopter sprayer Illustration of helicopter sprayer symbol,vector,illustration,agriculture,agricultural,industry,farming,production,landuse,cultivation,helicopter,sprayer,aerial,spraying,pesticides,herbicides,application,fields,crops
Helicopter sprayerVector Graphic (SVG) Tracey SaxbyIntegration and Application Network582 views79 downloads (Details)Illustration of helicopter sprayerAdd to lightbox
Field: harvesting Illustration of harvesting symbol,vector,illustration,agriculture,agricultural,industry,farming,production,landuse,cultivation,crop,rotation,plough,harvest,tractor,crops
Field: harvestingVector Graphic (SVG) Tracey SaxbyIntegration and Application Network579 views505 downloads (Details)Illustration of harvestingAdd to lightbox
Alfalfa with roots Illustration of alfalfa with roots symbol,vector,illustration,agriculture,agricultural,industry,farming,production,lcultivation,alfalfa,roots,perennial,legume,forage,crop,silage,hay,plant,vascular,Magnoliophyta,angiosperm,flowering,Magnoliopsida,dicot,Rosidae,Fabales,Fabaceae,Medicago
Alfalfa with rootsVector Graphic (SVG) Jane Thomas, Jason C. FisherIntegration and Application Network578 views121 downloads (Details)Illustration of alfalfa with rootsAdd to lightbox
Riparian buffer zone on the Eastern Shore Farming on the Eastern Shore. Showing bare soil and a riparian buffer (grass and trees) used to reduce sediment and nutrients entering the Chesapeake Bay. farming,riparian,zone,buffer,Eastern,Shore,aerial
Riparian buffer zone on the Eastern ShorePhoto (JPG) Ben LongstaffIAN, UMCES566 views22 downloads (Details)Farming on the Eastern Shore. Showing bare soil and a riparian buffer (grass and trees) used to reduce sediment and nutrients entering the Chesapeake Bay.Add to lightbox
Chicken farms near Salisbury  agriculture,chicken,farm
Chicken farms near SalisburyPhoto (JPG) Emily NaumanIAN, UMCES564 views7 downloads (Details)Add to lightbox
Soybean oil Illustration of soybean oil symbol,vector,illustration,agriculture,agricultural,industry,farming,production,landuse,cultivation,soybean,edamame,edible,food,legume,oilseed,plant,vascular,Magnoliophyta,angiosperm,flowering,Magnoliopsida,dicot,Rosidae,Fabales,Fabaceae,Glycine,max
Soybean oilVector Graphic (SVG) Jane ThomasIntegration and Application Network559 views42 downloads (Details)Illustration of soybean oilAdd to lightbox
Agricultural mower Illustration of an agricultural mower. symbol,vector,illustration,agriculture,agricultural mower,industry,mechanized,
Agricultural mowerVector Graphic (SVG) Tracey SaxbyIntegration and Application Network558 views287 downloads (Details)Illustration of an agricultural mower.Add to lightbox
Drainage ditch and control structure Drainage ditch and control structure. The drainage control structure allows scientists to control the amount of drainage that goes into the ditch from the field. drainage,field,ditch,agriculture,choptank,watershed
Drainage ditch and control structurePhoto (JPG) Caroline WicksIAN, UMCES554 views13 downloads (Details)Drainage ditch and control structure. The drainage control structure allows scientists to control the amount of drainage that goes into the ditch from the field.Add to lightbox
Fertilizer Illustration to depict fertilizer symbol,vector,illustration,manure,organic,inorganic,nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium,nutrient,commercial,agriculture,crops
FertilizerVector Graphic (SVG) Jane HawkeyIntegration and Application Network551 views130 downloads (Details)Illustration to depict fertilizerAdd to lightbox

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