Mentoring The IAN Science Communication Internship is a short term, immersive and experiential education in science communication applications. IAN interns typically come from a diversity of undergraduate programs and many of them go on to a wide range of graduate programs following their internship. They develop a range of job skills, master various software, and fully integrate into the IAN program for several months and up to a year. Interns work directly with the all of the IAN staff including the Vice President for Science Applications, IAN Science Integrators and Science Communicators.

IAN internships offer students an opportunity to develop a portfolio of science communication products that they can show future employers or use for graduate school applications. In addition, interns participate in the intensive partnerships that IAN has with a variety of national and international scientists, and make valuable contributions to the overall IAN effort.

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Examples of science communication products worked on by IAN interns

Interns enjoy a diversity of different tasks, and are included at all levels in the process to give them a greater understanding of the context of the different projects they were working on. They receive a detailed orientation and are assigned a Science Communicator mentor. Interns have been able to audit classes and participate in various science communication training sessions, further enhancing their learning experience.

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