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Think Progress (Wed 3 Feb, 2016)
A Proposed Maryland Law Wants To Make Big Chicken Producers Responsible For Dealing With Their Poop
Staff quoted: Bill Dennison
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The Delmarva Peninsula, which juts out into the Atlantic Ocean along the eastern edge of Maryland, is a poultry producing hot spot. Home to industry giant Perdue, the country's third-largest chicken producer, it's also one of the most densely concentrated areas in the United States for industrial chicken farming. In 2014, according to industry statistics, Maryland produced 287,800,000 chickens — 48 chickens for every Maryland resident.

TC Palm (Fri 22 Jan, 2016)
Scientists need donations to publish Indian River Lagoon report card
Staff quoted: Heath Kelsey
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PALM BAY — If the Indian River Lagoon was a student, what letter grade would you give it?

The Register-Guard (Wed 9 Dec, 2015)
The Willamette's B-minus
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The Willamette River got a B-minus grade on its first report card. While the graders appear to be using a somewhat generous curve, efforts to clean up the river are showing results.

WBOC (Salisbury) Television (Sun 6 Dec, 2015)
Horn Point Scientists Tells WBOC Cause and Effect Of Clear Chesapeake Bay Waters
Staff quoted: Bill Dennison
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CAMBRIDGE, Md.- If you've set foot near the shores of the Chesapeake Bay this fall, you may have noticed something. The water is extraordinarily clear. Earlier this week, WBOC spoke with Dr. Bill Dennison at Horn Point Labs in Cambridge, and asked him what caused the unusually clear water, what the benefits could be, and if this is the new norm in the Chesapeake Bay.

OC Today (Ocean City) (Thu 3 Dec, 2015)
Coastal bays report card misses honor roll, remains steady
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(Dec. 4, 2015) For the second straight year, the Maryland Coastal Bays have earned a C+ grade in the Coastal Bays Health Index that measures total nitrogen, total phosphorus, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll (specifically chlorophyll a), seagrass levels and hard clam populations.

Fox 12 Oregon (Wed 2 Dec, 2015)
Willamette River gets a 'B-' grade on health report card
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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Researchers give the Willamette River a passing grade for overall river health.

Corvallis Gazette-Times (Wed 2 Dec, 2015)
River gets a passing grade
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The Willamette River is in better shape than many Oregonians give it credit for, but it still needs improvement in several key areas.

Statesman Journal (Wed 2 Dec, 2015)
Study gives Willamette River a passing grade
Staff quoted: Simon Costanzo
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The Willamette River got a grade of B- on a new report card from the Meyer Memorial Trust.

Capital Press (Wed 2 Dec, 2015)
Willamette River gets a passing grade from researchers
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A "report card" on the Willamette River's health gives it better grades than what may be expected.

Think Progress (Wed 18 Nov, 2015)
Environmentalists Want This State To Take Chicken Poop Out Of Its Clean Energy Plan
Staff quoted: Bill Dennison
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As the Maryland state legislature prepares for a new session in early January, environmental activists want lawmakers to cut the crap — out of the state's renewable portfolio standards.

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