National Estuarine Eutrophication Assessment Survey

The data and information collected by this survey form will provide the basis for development of an update to the National Estuarine Eutrophication Assessment. The earlier work represents the conditions and influencing factors in the early 1990s. The data and information requested here should represent conditions in . If you do not have a complete data set for , you can enter data from the previous four years, however be sure to note this in the data source fields. This approach is designed to answer, on a national basis, the question “Have conditions worsened or improved in the past decade? and if so why?” This approach recognizes that a data collection effort would not be adequate to answer this question because much of the understanding of conditions and changes in condition of US water bodies resides within the knowledge and experience of experts around the nation who are actively involved in studying these issues. It is through this analysis that successful management measures can be highlighted and stronger protections applied to places where conditions have worsened.

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