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Guy Stephens
Senior Faculty Research Assistant/Web Developer

Chesapeake Bay Program Office

410 Severn Avenue
Suite 109
Annapolis, MD 21403

Phone: (410) 295-1316
Fax: (410) 267-5777

Guy Stephens Integration and Application Network Guy Stephens Senior Faculty Research Assistant/Web Developer Guy Stephens Photo workfax(410) 267-5777 work(410) 295-1316 Chesapeake Bay Program Office
410 Severn Avenue Suite 109
Annapolis MD 21403 USA


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NameGuy Stephens


1994-1998 B.S. Salisbury University - Salisbury MD USA (Biology Marine Concentration)
1996-1998 B.S. University of Maryland Eastern Shore - Princess Anne MD USA (Environmental Science)


2009- Senior Faculty Research Assistant/Web Developer, University of Maryland Center of Environmental Science, Chesapeake Bay Program Office Annapolis, MD USA
2006-2009 Senior Developer, Northrop Grumman Information Technology, United States Navy, Patuxent River Naval Air Station Lexington Park, MD USA
2006- Owner and Lead Developer, BluOctopus Web Technologies LLC - Lusby, MD USA
2003-2006 Web Developer (IT Specialist), National Park Service, Chesapeake Bay Program Office Annapolis, MD USA
2001-2003 Web Developer, The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, Chesapeake Bay Program Office Annapolis, MD USA
1999-2001Fisheries Biologist, District of Columbia Fisheries and Wildlife Division Washington DC USA


Senior Web Applications Developer                                             January 2006 - July 2009

Northrop Grumman Information Technology                                Patuxent River, Maryland

Patuxent River Naval Air Station                                                          

Senior developer for the Naval Obligations Database system (NOD).  The NOD is a web based financial tracking system that assists the Navy command in tracking contract spending for contract support services, non-contract support services and hardware.  As the senior developer was am responsible for the following:

            Meet with the customer to determine requirements for the project.

            Provide technical and functional analysis.

            Translate customer requirements into technical specifications.

            Document and prioritize software change requests.

            Prototype and test HTML, Javascript, CSS and ColdFusion code based on specifications.

            Maintain version control software repository for system code.

            Deploy code to development, testing and production environments.

            Assist in end user training and development of system documentation.

            Provide assistance to support specialists supporting end users.

In addition to supporting the NOD I also performed the following functions:

            Provide guidance and support to less experienced developers.

            Assist in development of server configuration tracking system (PAXDCOM).

            Provide guidance and consultations to other teams on usability.

            Research new technologies for use within the Information Management Department.

            Organize and lead developer’s exchange group.


Owner and Lead Developer                                                August 2006 -  Present

BluOctopus Web Technologies LLC                                      Lusby, Maryland

Started small web development business as a way to develop my skill set and meet the web development needs of small and midsize organizations.  This business is an ongoing part-time effort, and has provided a wealth of experience in developing web solutions for various organizations.  The business focuses on web design, development, e-commerce, application design, database development, usability analysis, training and consultation. Some of the projects to date have included:

            Save The River ( - Website and blog development. 

            Virginia NEMO ( - Website development.

            Clementine Cafe ( - Web and blog development.

            Chesapeake NEMO ( - Website development.

            Hank's Smokehouse ( - Shopping cart development.

            Multi-Media LLC - Custom video slideshows.

            PR Transportation LLC - Website development.

            National Park Service - Provide analysis on Chesapeake Bay Gateways website redesign.

            American Heritage Magazine - Provided consultation on future project.

Web Developer (IT Specialist)                                             April 2003 - January 2006

National Park Service                                                         Annapolis, Maryland

Chesapeake Bay Program Office                                                 

Application Team Leader for the Chesapeake Bay Program data center, tasks include:

            Led a multi-agency team of application developers in developing best practices, discussing technology and resolving development issues.

            Developed team’s annual work plan and work with data center manager to set priorities for the application team.

            Represented application developers at higher level meetings such as the Chesapeake Information Management Team’s meeting.

            Led the team in reviewing project plans, code and databases during team project development cycle.

Designed, developed and maintained the following interrelated sites/applications:

            The Chesapeake Bay Program (

            The Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network (

            The Bay Journal (

            Image management system

            Training database and web calendar

            Content management system to populate Bay Journal website

            Gateways employee intranet, content management system and partner extranet


Web Developer                                                           July 2001 - April 2003 _

Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay                                   Annapolis, Maryland

Chesapeake Bay Program Office   

ColdFusion web developer for the following sites:

            The Chesapeake Bay Program (

            The Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network (

            The Bay Journal (

            The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay (

            Chesapeake Study (

ColdFusion application developer for the following applications:

            GIS Map collection management system

            Environmental Indicator interface and dynamic web application

            ACB employee intranet and content management system


Fisheries Biologist (Webmaster)                                         May 1999 - July 2001

District of Columbia Department of Health                           District of Columbia

Fisheries and Wildlife Division     

            Designed, developed and maintained division’s first Internet web site.

            Designed graphics for website and publications including agency logo.

            Developed and presented teacher workshops.

            Prepared procurement request and other budget management tasks.


Other Projects

Developed a simple website for the Department of Biological Sciences at Salisbury University (Dr. Judith Stribling) in January 1999.

Developed a basic website for the Seniors Institute for Technology and Communication (SITComm) at the University of Florida in February 2001.



 Writing for the Web - How to prepare content appropriate for websites

 HTML 101 - A basic HTML curriculum  

 Section 508: More People in More Situations - A session on website accessibility 

 Website Roadmap to Success - Session to train partners of the Chesapeake Bay Gateways

 Usability Methodologies - Essential usability methodologies

 Paper Prototyping Best Practices - Best practices for paper prototyping



Web Development Training

            Networking Essentials

            HTML Part II

            HTML Part III

            Dynamic HTML

            Introduction to JavaScript

            Dreamweaver 4.0

            FasTrack to ColdFusion

            Advanced ColdFusion

            Introduction to ASP Programming

            Enterprise Information Architecture 

            Writing for the Web

            ASP.NET Web Applications

            Enterprise Model-Glue Framework


Database Training

            Introduction to Access

            Intro to SQL and Database Design

            Advanced SQL and Database Design


Computer Programming

            Introduction to Programming C++

            Introduction to C# Programming

            Introduction to Visual Basic .NET

            Data Structures/Abstraction Java

            Introduction to Java Programming

            OOP Design and Programming C++


            CFUN 2004 ColdFusion Conference

            Usability in E-government workshop

            Section 508 Workshop

            2007 Frameworks Conference

            Cf.Objective 2008 

Usability / Human Factors

            Usability in Practice: 3-Day Camp

            User Interface Engineering

           Advanced Usability Techniques


Mike Land

Web Administrator

National Park Service

Chesapeake Bay Program Office


Jonathan Doherty

Program Manager

National Park Service

Chesapeake NEMO


Larry Silvestro


Largin Enterprises, Ltd.


1 Position became federal position in April 2003, I retained the position as a federal employee.