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Suzanne Spitzer
Graduate Student

UMCES Annapolis Office

429 4th Street
Annapolis, MD 21403


Suzanne Spitzer Integration and Application Network Suzanne Spitzer Graduate Student Suzanne Spitzer Photo UMCES Annapolis Office
429 4th Street
Annapolis MD 21403 USA


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NameSuzanne Spitzer

University of Maryland                                                                                                                       2015--present
PhD student in Science Communication and Ecology
University of Notre Dame                                                      
BS in Biological Sciences and Anthropology              
Marine Biological Laboratory Ecosystems Center                                                                                2013-2014
Research Assistant                        
Landscape Management and Restoration Ecology (C. Neill)
 -The role of grazing management manipulations and mechanical mowing in structuring coastal vegetation patterns on Naushon Island
 -The effects of deforestation and agricultural expansion on stream water chemistry and habitat quality in the Brazilian Amazon

U. Notre Dame Dpt. of Biological Sciences                                                                                          2012-2013
Teaching Assistant                                      
 -Courses: Animal Behavior (E. Archie), Biological Sciences I Lab (M. Olsen)

U. Notre Dame Dpt. of Biological Sciences                                                                                         2011-2013     
Undergraduate Research Assistant                
Behavioral Ecology and Disease Ecology (E. Archie)                    
 -Parasite diversity/abundance and social dominance in wild male baboons
Ecosystems Ecology (A. Rocha)
 -Alaskan vegetation recovery following tundra fires

U. Notre Dame Dpts. of Biological Sciences and Sustainability                                                                   2013
Logistics Coordinator                    
 -Served on a small steering committee to organize a multidisciplinary national conference "Climate Change and the Common Good” hosted by the University of Notre Dame


A  Hierarchy of Health: Dominance Rank and Parasite Burden in Wild Male Baboons
        Revised research posters presented at
             The Midwest Ecology and Evolution Conference (2013)
             The University of Notre Dame College of Science Joint Annual Meeting (2012, 2013)

Neill, C., S. Spitzer, M. N. Macedo, S. H. Riskin, A. V. Krusche, D. Nunez, and M. T. Coe (In preparation) “Land Use and Impoundment Effects on Temperature and Water Chemistry of Lowland Amazonian Headwater Streams”.


Science Communication Publications

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Costanzo SD, Lookingbill T, Walsh B, Fries A, Spitzer S, Hawkey J, Vargas V, Webb B, Easby S, Goelst C, Rouch M. (2016) Shenandoah National Park Natural Resource Condition Assessment. IAN Press, Cambridge, MD, 238pp (Report)
Integration and Application Network (2015) Behavior Change Project Results. IAN Press, Cambridge, MD, 32pp (Presentation)
Integration and Application Network (2015) Upper Potomac Headwaters Report Card 2015. IAN Press, Cambridge, MD, 4pp (Report card)
Integration and Application Network (2015) Long Island Sound Report Card. IAN Press, Cambridge, MD, 7pp (Report card)
Integration and Application Network (2015) Inner Hempstead Harbor Report Card. IAN Press, Cambridge, MD, 6pp (Report card)
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Spitzer S, Kelsey H, Dennison WC, Costanzo S, Thieme M, and Freeman S (2015) Report Card Review. IAN Press, Cambridge, MD, 74pp (Report)
Integration and Application Network (2014) Mississippi River Report Card whole watershed report card workshop newsletter. IAN Press, Cambridge, MD, 2pp (Newsletter)