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Current Projects

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IAN: Environmental Science Films on Permanent Link
We strive to inspire future scientists and increase awareness about environmental issues. We believe that new media is a integral part of achieving these goals. Therefore, we have launched an IAN/EcoCheck channel on YouTube. This channel hosts environmental science videos created by UMCES faculty, staff, and students.  Full Details  

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IAN: Symbol Libraries Permanent Link
This free, downloadable symbol library has been providing users with symbols crafted by IAN science communicators for use in constructing conceptual diagrams. This project involves getting the symbols uploaded individually to our searchable image library, adding many new symbols, and making them all available through our online diagram creator.  Full Details  

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Maryland Coastal Bays: science communication products and report cards Permanent Link
Maryland's Coastal Bays, the shallow lagoons nestled behind Ocean City and Assateague, comprise a complex ecosystem. These estuarine bays, at the interface between fresh and saltwater, provide habitat for a wide range of aquatic life. But like many coastal systems, they face threats from intense development, nutrients, sediments, and other stresses associated with human activities. IAN has been working with the Coastal Bays Program on various products and studies, including the annual Coastal Bays report card, the book Shifting Sands, and using stable isotope techniques to identify nitrogen sources in the Maryland Coastal Bays.  Full Details  

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National Fish and Wildlife Foundation: Long Island Sound Ecosystem Health Report Card Permanent Link

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation's Long Island Sound Futures Fund has funded IAN to develop the Long Island Sound Ecosystem Health Report Card project. The project will involve developing a report card for the Long Island Sound itself, as well as report cards for Hempstead Harbor in New York and the Westport/Fairfield embayment in Connecticut. IAN will host a series of workshops and the final products will include a printed report card and an interactive website.  Full Details  

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USAUS H2O : USA-Australia Virtual Environmental Partnership Permanent Link

The primary goal of the project is to educate and inform responsible stewardship of water resources between U.S. and Australian students through an interactive- virtual partnership. Our vision and motivation is to build an environmental education platform capable of implementing a robust and long-term cyber education program based on state of the art science with a global perspective. Whether high school students get “hooked” on science is critical to recruiting promising students to the environmental field. This is vastly important, as this generation will face unique environmental challenges of global significance, including the need to at least double water productivity. Generating interest at this level with an engaging project-based international cyber exchange will, we believe, pique the interest of a new generation of science students who are cyber-savvy “digital natives” in a transformational manner.  Full Details  

Past Projects

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COSEE Coastal Trends: online teaching modules Permanent Link
COSEE Coastal Trends increases public awareness about ocean science, empowers educators by developing interactive online modules, and fosters partnerships between researchers and educators in order to make current scientific knowledge and data available in the classroom.  Full Details  

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NOAA: National Estuarine Eutrophication Assessment Permanent Link
To assess the eutrophic conditions for 141 U.S. estuaries based on data and information provided by scientists and experts from around the country. IAN developed an interactive website to collect data and produce automated summaries of eutrophication status as well as print ready graphics for the final report. Report production was a collaborative effort between Suzanne Bricker (NOAA NCCOS), EcoCheck (NOAA-UMCES Partnership) and IAN.  Full Details  

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NPS: National Capital Region: science communication products Permanent Link
The National Capital Region Network (NCRN) of the National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring (I&M) program has identified 22 indicators of ecological condition within the National Capital Region (NCR), which are commonly called "vital signs". The NCRN is currently in the process of implementing vital signs monitoring within 11 NCR parks.  Full Details  

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USC/SECOORA: beach advisory decision making Permanent Link
In partnership with the Southeast Coast Ocean Observing Regional Association (SECOORA) and the University of South Carolina, IAN automated and improved the accuracy of beach advisory decision making for Myrtle Beach South Carolina. The improvements resulted from integrating information from Ocean Observing Systems and radar-based rainfall data from the National Weather Service to improve bacteria concentration predictions. Results are presented in an easy to use, visual format for beach managers.  Full Details