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Past Projects

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COSEE Coastal Trends: online teaching modules Permanent Link
COSEE Coastal Trends increases public awareness about ocean science, empowers educators by developing interactive online modules, and fosters partnerships between researchers and educators in order to make current scientific knowledge and data available in the classroom.  Full Details  

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Department of Defense: Defending our National Treasure Permanent Link
As one of the largest Federal landholders in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, the Department of Defense's efforts towards the Chesapeake’s restoration and protection have exemplified the positive effects of interagency cooperation. This report provides a synthesis of the role the Department of Defense (DoD) has played in the Bay restoration effort. It outlines the specific commitments the DoD has made with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other Chesapeake Bay Program partners and identifies other DoD initiatives that support the Chesapeake Bay Program's efforts. This all-encompassing document will showcase DoDs efforts from 1998-2004.  Full Details  

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NOAA: National Estuarine Eutrophication Assessment Permanent Link
To assess the eutrophic conditions for 141 U.S. estuaries based on data and information provided by scientists and experts from around the country. IAN developed an interactive website to collect data and produce automated summaries of eutrophication status as well as print ready graphics for the final report. Report production was a collaborative effort between Suzanne Bricker (NOAA NCCOS), EcoCheck (NOAA-UMCES Partnership) and IAN.  Full Details  

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NPS: Pacific Island Network: coral education resources Permanent Link
Resource managers and interpretive staff in the Pacific Island Network have partnered with IAN staff, students, educators, and cultural experts to develop an online module that explores our intricate connections to coral reefs and climate change. By synthesizing park science and integrating cultural knowledge, the module illustrates the coral ecosystems in the Pacific islands, the threats that climate change poses, and how changes to coral reefs may impact our daily lives. Input from local teachers and researchers ensures the accuracy and usability of these materials.  Full Details  

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NPS: Shenandoah National Park: science communication products Permanent Link
Shenandoah National Park is a natural oasis in the densely populated Mid−Atlantic region. Thus, the park is an important refuge for both wildlife and people, but its location in the midst of urban, suburban, and agricultural development exposes it to threats including air pollution, water degradation, land use change, and alteration of biological communities. In order to understand and minimize these threats, park staff gather data about natural resource conditions and trends as part of the National Park Service's Mid−Atlantic Inventory and Monitoring Network. IAN and Shenandoah staff created a booklet to illustrate these threats and show how effective monitoring can track changes in conditions and guide management practices.  Full Details  

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Packard Foundation: Training Federal Agencies in Ecosystem-Based Management Permanent Link
Federal agencies are uniquely positioned to address the large-scale issues facing our ecosystems. For this reason, IAN and the Packard Foundation collaborate to develop training in ecosystem-based management. Successful ecosystem-based management requires clear objectives, coordinated implementation, and effective communication of conditions and adaptations. This training provides agency staff with the tools they need to develop and initiate ecosystem-based management programs.

Additionally, two conceptual framework newsletters and a poster were produced by IAN staff as part of Packard Foundation's site locations in Palau and Morro Bay, CA.  Full Details