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Current Projects

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NOAA: Beach water quality prediction mobile app development Permanent Link
In partnership with the University of South Carolina and SECOORA, we first developed a mobile app that displays predictions of water quality at 31 locations along the beach at Myrtle Beach, SC. Daily predictions are created using statistical models that incorporate data from remote sensing and ocean observing system sensors. The tools for developing these statistical models have been improved by merging our efforts with the EPA's Virtual Beach model development software, which was intended to automate the laborious process of statistical model generation for non-statisticians. These tools have been implemented in Sarasota FL and are being modified for recreational and shellfish harvest area water quality in Charleston Harbor, SC.  Full Details  

Past Projects

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NOAA: Beach Advisory Decision Support Systems Permanent Link
Empirical models were developed at South Carolina beaches and estuaries to create daily forecasts of bacterial water quality for use as decision support tools. These tools predict exceedance of bacteria criteria using integrated monitoring data, remote sensing, and meteorology information. The models developed for beach areas used precipitation data from a rain gauge network, tide data, and qualitative weather information to predict criterion exceedance. Current efforts on these tools include integrating data from ocean observing systems and precipitation data from remote sensing products to create near-real time prediction updates presented in a web-based GIS. Similar predictive models for fecal coliform bacteria concentration were developed using integrated data from monitoring programs, meteorology, and remote sensing. These two related modeling efforts highlight the utility and feasibility of integrating data from observing systems and remote sensing to create empirically-based decision support tools.  Full Details