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EcoCheck Permanent Link
Ecocheck is part of the Integration and Application Network, with a focus on ecosystem health reporting. EcoCheck’s primary mission is to enhance and support the science, management, and restoration of Chesapeake Bay.

EcoCheck accomplishes its mission by focusing on integration of geographically detailed assessments and forecasts of Chesapeake Bay ecosystem health and creating timely and scientifically rigorous communication products through data and research synthesis. EcoCheck works with academic, federal and state regulators, and local community groups to develop tools and products to assist decision makers in achieving Chesapeake Bay restoration goals. Recently, EcoCheck’s expertise in report cards and ecological health assessments has been leveraged to develop similar assessments nationally and globally.  Full Details  

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SPREP: Samoa State of the Environment Permanent Link

A workshop was held with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) in Apia, Samoa in April 2012 to develop the initial stage of assessment for Samoa's State of Environment (SoE), which is currently underway. Key experts from MNRE and SPREP defined six key habitats in Samoa: cloud forest and uplands, lowlands, coastal strand, nearshore marine, offshore marine, and rivers and streams. The health of each of these habitats (as determined by key indicators) will then be combined to describe the overall condition of Samoa’s environment and culturally important natural resources.
Samoa is leading the Pacific in the use of this habitat-based assessment, which will be important in the development of common regional approaches. It will also contribute to the development of a regional framework that will simplify and reduce regional and international reporting requirements for Samoa and other Pacific island countries.  Full Details