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Saxby, T.A., Dennison, W.C. & Hoegh-Guldberg, O. (2003) Photosynthetic responses of the coral Montipora digitata to cold temperature stress, Marine Ecology Progress Series 248, 85-97.


Shopping Cart IconThomas, J.E., Saxby, T.A., Jones, A.B., Carruthers, T.J.B., Abal, E.G. and Dennison, W.C. (2006) Communicating Science Effectively: A Practical Handbook for Integrating Visual Elements. IWA Publishing, London. 136 pp.


Saxby, T.A. (2001) Photosynthetic responses of the coral Montipora digitata to cold temperature stress, Honours Thesis, Department of Botany, University of Queensland, Australia.

Saxby, T.A. (2000) Coral Bleaching: the synergistic effects of temperature and photoinhibition, Honours Literature Review, Department of Botany, The University of Queensland, Australia.


Thomas, J.E., Jones, A.B., Trice, T.M., Wazniak, C.E., Carruthers, T.J.B., Pantus, F., Saxby, T.A., and Dennison, W.C. (2005). Utilizing spatially intensive data in monitoring Maryland's Coastal Bays. A poster presented at the Estuarine Research Federation conference, Norfolk, Virginia, and at the Maryland Water Monitoring Council's 11th Annual Conference, Linthicum Heights, Maryland.

Thomas, J., Carruthers, T.J., Saxby, T.A., Jones, A.B. & Dennison, W.C. (2004) Conceptual Diagrams: Tools for Science Communication. Poster presented at the 'Riversymposium' Bisbane, QLD, Australia.

Saxby, T.A. Dennison, W.C. & Hoegh-Guldberg, O. (2001) Effects of cold stress on corals   Presented at the Australian Coral Reef Society Conference, Magnetic Island, Townsville, 2001.

Saxby, T.A. Ward, S. & Dennison, W.C. (1994) The effects of sediments and nutrients on Moreton Bay corals. A poster presented at the Australian Marine Science Association Conference, Townsville, 2001.