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Southern Maryland News (Fri 20 Nov, 2009)
The bay's natural filters: Oyster health is one indicator of the state of the Chesapeake Bay
Staff quoted: Horn Point Laboratory
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The Maryland Department of Natural Resources estimates the Chesapeake Bay's oyster population is now at about 1 percent of its original size.

The Washington Post (Wed 18 Nov, 2009)
Planet Panel: Learn from Europe
Staff quoted: Don Boesch
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I am late joining into this discussion and it is amazing how opinions among the Panelists diverge about the achievements of the Kyoto Protocol, particularly in Europe. A report released last week by the European Environmental Agency (EEA) claims that all original member states of the European Union but one (Austria) are on track to meet their Kyoto Protocol commitments to limit and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Washington Post (Wed 18 Nov, 2009)
Planet Panel - Ball is in our court
Staff quoted: Don Boesch
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As reported in the Post, the joint declaration between President Obama and Chinese President Hu yesterday included a hopeful clause that the Obama administration is likely to offer emission-reduction targets in Copenhagen if the Chinese offer its proposal as well. This could grease a sticking point in negotiations and allow a political accord on greenhouse gas reductions next month, with a legally binding treaty coming next year sometime.

Southern Maryland News (Sat 14 Nov, 2009)
O'Malley Congratulates UMCES Researchers on Prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award
Staff quoted: Michael Kemp, Walter Boynton
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NNAPOLIS (November 14, 2009) – Governor Martin O'Malley on Tuesday congratulated Drs. Walter Boynton and Michael Kemp of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science for receiving Odum Lifetime Achievement Award from the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation (CERF). The award recognizes both the individual accomplishments and the combined contributions the two scientists have made over the last 30 years.

The Baltimore Sun B'More Green Blog (Wed 11 Nov, 2009)
Bay scientists honored
Staff quoted: Walt Boynton, Michael Kemp
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A tip of the Secchi disk to Walter Boynton and Michael Kemp, veteran researchers with the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, who were recently honored by their peers for their work in advancing understanding of water bodies like the Chesapeake Bay.

Environment & Energy Daily (Tue 10 Nov, 2009)
Chesapeake Bay: EPA supports Chesapeake Bay, Gulf of Mexico bills
Staff quoted: Don Boesch
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U.S EPA's Chesapeake Bay chief yesterday voiced strong support for a Senate bill aimed at aggressively shoring up faltering state cleanup efforts in the nation's largest estuary.

NPR's Morning Edition (Mon 9 Nov, 2009)
Researchers Get Dirty To Clean Up Chesapeake
Staff quoted: Walt Boynton, Kristin Politano, Dave Nemazie
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America's largest estuary, the Chesapeake Bay, remains polluted and sick despite decades of clean-up efforts that cost billions of dollars. Now the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is working on a new plan to try yet again to save the bay. A draft of the plan is due out this week.

The Baltimore Sun (Mon 9 Nov, 2009)
U.S. to tighten rules for bay cleanup: Unease voiced about more controls on developers, farm waste
Staff quoted: Don Boesch
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The Obama administration is to unveil today its plan for taking control of the lagging Chesapeake Bay cleanup, amid growing grumbling from developers, farmers and even state officials that Washington is overreaching in what has until recently been a largely cooperative effort among the bay states.

The Easton Star Democrat (Mon 9 Nov, 2009)
Horn Point officials working to replace stolen ram statues
Staff quoted: Mike Roman
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CAMBRIDGE Members of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science-Horn Point Laboratory and the du Pont family will travel to Wilmington, Del., to meet with the Hagley Museum and Library curator on how the original casting for the historic du Pont ram statues can be used to replace the statues stolen from the laboratory's entrance Sept. 10.

NPR's All Things Considered (Mon 9 Nov, 2009)
EPA Drafts Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Strategy
Staff quoted: Bill Dennison
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Monday, the Federal government announced the outlines of a new effort to help restore the seafood and wildlife in the nation's largest estuary: the Chesapeake Bay.

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