Science Communication Services

Science communication is an art. We can help.

The most successful scientists are skilled at communicating their ideas. Think of Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, and Rachel Carson: all talented scientists whose communication skills changed how we view the world around us.

We can help you tell your story.

Our team is a unique combination of scientists and communicators who share a common passion for bringing science to life using eye-catching visual elements. We understand the science, and can help distill the meaning of your research using our graphics-rich approach. Your data becomes instantly accessible, even across cultural and language barriers.

Over the past ten years, we've worked with groups big and small – from local watershed groups to international NGOs and government agencies.

We can create a diverse range of science communication products to fit any timeframe and any budget. Contact us to see how we can work with you on your next project.

Working with IAN is transformative. Their team of science communicators and integrators help you tackle environmental challenges head-on, often using thoughtful and innovative approaches. IAN's engaging approach to science communication and translation can shape knowledge into action. I know, because I have seen their products effectively used by researchers and managers alike.
Shawn Carter
National Park Service

Thank you for making this guidebook a reality! Your team was outstanding and your inspiration, facilitation, and leadership critical. I look forward to future collaboration!
Leah Bunce Karrer
Conservation International

The Maryland Coastal Bays Program has been working with the Integration and Application Network for more than 8 years now. When we need to show the public our work and prove to them it makes a difference, there is no more skilled and professional group than that at IAN.
Dave Wilson
Maryland Coastal Bays Program

Thank you again for the tremendous amount of hard work you've put into these gorgeous diagrams. They are the best we've seen for distilling the basic concepts of Ecosystem-Based Management, and we look forward to sharing them with practitioners far and wide!
John Davis
MPA News

(We are) extremely pleased to have worked once again with the IAN team. If I keep coming back to you there must be a reason!

Photo: Mediterranean managers and practitioners participating in a capacity-building workshop on Marine Protected Areas, Kas-Kekova MPA, Turkey.

Giuseppe Di Carlo
WWF Mediterranean Programme Office