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Changing the way science is communicated

At IAN, we can get your research into the hands of decision makers. By creating innovative ways to visually present science, we make it more accessible to managers, stakeholders, and the general public; meaning that your data will reach a much wider audience than just your peers.

We love new challenges, and can work with you locally or collaborate with partners around the globe.

Our expertise includes:

Can you envision a world where scientific research is easily accessible for key decision makers to make informed choices to solve environmental problems?

We can.

Working with IAN is transformative. Their team of science communicators and integrators help you tackle environmental challenges head-on, often using thoughtful and innovative approaches. IAN's engaging approach to science communication and translation can shape knowledge into action. I know, because I have seen their products effectively used by researchers and managers alike.
Shawn Carter
National Park Service

The Maryland Coastal Bays Program has been working with the Integration and Application Network for more than 8 years now. When we need to show the public our work and prove to them it makes a difference, there is no more skilled and professional group than that at IAN.
Dave Wilson
Maryland Coastal Bays Program

The IAN team were contracted to support the production of the first Reef Plan Great Barrier Reef Report Card based on their proven international track record in this field. The team delivered well above expectations providing interdisciplinary expertise in water quality, ecosystem health, science communication and integration. Based on this success, the team were contracted again to support the production of the Second Report Card. This work focused on the integration of datasets for reporting on corals, water quality and seagrass condition.
Chris Chinn
Reef Plan Secretariat

(We are) extremely pleased to have worked once again with the IAN team. If I keep coming back to you there must be a reason!

Photo: Mediterranean managers and practitioners participating in a capacity-building workshop on Marine Protected Areas, Kas-Kekova MPA, Turkey.

Giuseppe Di Carlo
WWF Mediterranean Programme Office

Thank you again for the tremendous amount of hard work you've put into these gorgeous diagrams. They are the best we've seen for distilling the basic concepts of Ecosystem-Based Management, and we look forward to sharing them with practitioners far and wide!
John Davis
MPA News

Understanding the ecological health of Baltimore Harbor is an essential first step towards making our urban waters safe for swimming and fishing. The research and wealth of knowledge provided by the EcoCheck team has been invaluable to the Healthy Harbor Initiative.
Adam Lindquist
Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, Inc.

Thank you for making this guidebook a reality! Your team was outstanding and your inspiration, facilitation, and leadership critical. I look forward to future collaboration!
Leah Bunce Karrer
Conservation International