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Chesapeake Bay Summer Forecast:

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For the past several years, Chesapeake Bay scientists have collaborated with the Integration and Application Network to forecast Chesapeake Bay summer dissolved oxygen conditions, based on flow and nutrient loading conditions through May. Ecological forecasts provide resource managers with information that can be used to guide restoration, enable proactive communication of Bay conditions, and help direct research activities.

2013 forecast predicts better than average conditions

Hypoxia forecast
The average summer (June to September) hypoxia forecast predicts better than average conditions for 2013. This forecast is based on Susquehanna River flow (January to May) and wind direction and speed across the Bay. 

Maryland Department of Natural Resources has reported on the early June dissolved oxygen conditions in the Maryland mainstem portion of the Bay. For updates throughout the summer, visit


The following individuals are acknowledged for their contributions:

Summer hypoxia forecast: Younjoo Lee and Walter Boynton (University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science)
July hypoxia forecast: Don Scavia and Mary Anne Evans (University of Michigan)
Summer anoxia forecast: Jeremy Testa and Rebecca Murphy (University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Johns Hopkins University)

We would also like to thank Joel Blomquist from USGS for providing the provisional nitrogen loads estimates needed to forecast dissolved oxygen parameters.