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Diagram showing how land clearing and development in the Ngerikiil watershed is causing erosion into Airai Bay, where the sediment smothers seagrasses and corals.Diagram showing how the Compact Road on Babeldaob has increase access and transport around the island, leading to increased impacts in the watersheds.
Diagram showing how land use on Babeldaob Island affects the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.Diagram showing key threats to Pacific Island nations.
Diagram showing example indicators for nearshore marine habitat in the Pacific, including coral cover, coral health, fish biomass, fish richness, and water quality.Diagram showing desired and degraded condition of wetland and waterway habitats within Manassas National Battlefield Park.
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Eubalaena glacialis (Right Whale)Degraded water qualitySaltwater intrusion
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Developing scientific stories for Chesapeake Bay submerged aquatic vegetation
The Integration and Application Network, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) is supporting an effort to synthesize [...]

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