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Hardened shoreline prevents erosion.Osprey in Tree
Female mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) and ducklingsRestored Chesapeake Bay oyster buy boat
Eroded shoreline with tree snags.Pound net
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Icterus galbula (Baltimore Oriole)Anguillicoloides crassus (Nematode Worm)Herpestes javanicus (Small Asian Mongoose)
Fregata minor (Great Frigatebird)Batis maritima (Pickleweed)Nycticorax nycticorax (Black-crowned Night Heron)
Heteromeles arbutifolia (Christmas Berry)Small village (India)Populus balsamifera (Balsam poplar)
ManagementMine drainageRoad salt truck
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USAUS-H2O Canberra workshop
In order to kick off Phase 2 of the USAUS-H2O virtual environmental exchange program between eight high schools in Australia and eight high schools in the U.S., we held a teacher workshop in Canberra, [...]

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