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August 2014  
Blog Highlights Permanent Link
Arkansas River and Red River Basins newsletter
Arkansas River and Red River Basins newsletter.
Arkansas River and Red River Basins report card workshop newsletter Permanent Link
The Arkansas River and Red River Basins report card workshop newsletter was published in July. Potential indicators for an assessment of management goals for the Mississippi River were determined at a workshop for the Arkansas River and Red River Basins in May. This is the fourth in a series of newsletters that will document progress toward completing the report card through stakeholder meetings in all five sub-basins of the Mississippi River. The final list of indicators will be determined by several factors, including data availability and how well they represent achievement of management goals. Results from each sub-basin will be refined and integrated into a report card for the entire Mississippi River Basin.

Baltimore Healthy Harbor Report Card 2013
Baltimore Healthy Harbor Report Card 2013.
Baltimore Healthy Harbor Report Card scores a 51% for 2013 Permanent Link
The Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore and Blue Water Baltimore published the Healthy Harbor Report Card to help lead the public, government, and businesses toward a healthy Baltimore Harbor, one that is swimmable and fishable by 2020. Using water quality indicators, the health condition of the Harbor was determined for 2013. This score of 51% was an improvement over the 2012 score of 40%. This was the first year that Baltimore Harbor's streams and watershed were also monitored and evaluated. Baltimore Harbor Watershed scored a 57% in 2013. Human health indicators are also discussed in the report card. This newsletter provides the overall results, and describes how the public has been helping clean up their Harbor as well.

Louisiana Discovery, Integration and Application (LA DIA) group photo
The LA DIA team at their meeting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Louisiana Discovery Integration and Application (LA DIA) program launched with Louisiana Sea Grant Permanent Link
Bill Dennison, Bill Nuttle, and Tracey Saxby from IAN have teamed up with Robert Twilley and his staff at Maryland Sea Grant to create a program with postdoctorates and graduate students working with Louisiana Sea Grant Marine Extension Program agents and the Coastal Sustainability Studio at Louisiana State University. This project was initiated in July in Baton Rouge, LA. Four teams will be tackling issues like sea level rise in Point-aux-Chenes, visualizing Mississippi River sediment diversions, connecting community planning processes, and developing a vision for Grand Isle. A series of webinars and a science communication training session are scheduled for this summer and the teams will develop a portfolio early next year.

Madeline Kelsey is newest IAN intern
Madeline enjoying a day on Chesapeake Bay aboard the R/V Rachel Carson.
IAN welcomes Madeline Kelsey Permanent Link
Since Madeline joined IAN in June, she has supported several key projects, including the Chesapeake Bay Forecast, the Climate Change Resilience Index (Chesapeake Bay Report Card 2013), and the Long Island Sound Ecosystem Health Report Card. Along with these projects, Madeline has experienced a variety of meetings, field trips, and outings around the Chesapeake Bay, such as the Maryland Water Monitoring Council Meeting at MD Department of Natural Resources and a boat trip on the R/V Rachel Carson (Chesapeake Bay and CBL Field Trip). From this intern opportunity Madeline hopes to gain more experience in the field of science communication and explore new methods of communicating environmental issues with large audiences. Madeline is currently in the process of getting a dual degree in environmental studies and communication from Salisbury University. One of her favorite extracurricular activities is campaigning for healthier, more sustainable food options in the on- campus dining halls. When she is not in school she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, running, hiking, reading and binging Netflix.

On the Horizon... Permanent Link
IAN staff will be attending and presenting at the annual River Symposium.  This year's conference will be held in Canberra, Australia in September 2014. 
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