November 18, 2010

The National Parks of Guam and Saipan

Tim Carruthers and I have just completed two site visits to the War in the Pacific National Historical Park (WAPA) on Guam and the American Memorial Park (AMME) on Saipan. The IAN science communication workshops went really well and the parks’ managers and staff were very excited and engaged in forging two new products, a park brochure for WAPA and a poster for AMME, both featuring the natural and cultural resources of the parks.

Group photo

Tim, Jane and the WAPA team.

Group at booth

Tim, Jane and AMME team at the visitors center.

Thursday night, Tim, Cory Nash (NPS Pacific Island Network Inventory & Monitoring Program) and I went to a street fair in Garapan, the major town in Saipan. It was noisy, crowded and bustling with locals (Chamorros, Carolinians, Japanese, Korean, and Philippino mostly) and a the occasional tourist like us. Countless stalls of food enticed us and we had a dinner of Thai, Korean, and Chamorro treats. It was delicious! Two teams of young dancers performed at one end of the street and a Falun Gong group meditatedon the other. It was quite the cultural experience.

Food stalls

Food stalls in Garapan, Saipan.

Young dancers

Young dancers performing on the street, Saipan.

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