July 11, 2012

Non-attribution rights to IAN symbols and images now available

For nearly ten years the IAN symbol and image libraries have been provided completely free for any use, so long as the appropriate attribution was included. For many users this has not been a problem – all that was required was a short credit to IAN and a link to our website. But over the years an increasing number of people have requested to use our images without this credit, either because it detracts from their layout or design, or simply because they want a cleaner, more professional, and branded appearance.

To this end, we now give users the option to purchase the rights to use our symbols and images without the need to attribute them to us with the credit. This means our symbols and images can be used in company logos, on merchandise for sale, or any other situation where the attribution is not appropriate.

This does not in any way affect the ability to use our symbols for free, it simply makes them available for uses that were previously not allowed.

Add to cart example

Adding a symbol to the cart from the symbol download page.

To buy non-attribution rights to our symbols and images, click the Add to Cart button via our image library or the downloads tab of our symbol libraries page. Our pricing depends on the status of your organization and the intended usage. We also offer generous bulk purchase discounts – up to 60%.

Add to cart popup

Add to Cart popup showing prices for different uses of the IAN symbols and images.


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