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January 30, 2014

Moreton Bay and Catchment

This book was produced by the fledgling School of Marine Science, The University of Queensland at the outset of a rekindled scientific interest in Moreton Bay, its tributaries and its catchments, or watersheds. Previous conferences regarding the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay resulted in short conference proceedings books; Brisbane River: A Source Book for the […]

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January 28, 2014

Sizing up the Mississippi River

Last week, I attended a meeting of the Changing Course design competition in New Orleans. The Changing Course competition will stimulate innovative thinking about the future shape of coastal Louisiana, including possibly relocating the main channel of the Mississippi River below New Orleans – hence its name. The purpose of this meeting was to bring […]

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January 23, 2014

Long Island Sound: Environmental Literacy

‘Environmental literacy‘ series The seven environmental literacy principles for Long Island Sound are the following: Long Island Sound is an estuary formed from a terminal glacial moraine (Long Island), flushed through tidal action from Block Island Sound, with minor exchange with NY Harbor. Long Island Sound once supported abundant oysters, scallops, birds and lobsters with […]

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January 21, 2014

ShorePower project launched

I attended the launch of the ShorePower Project at the Tidewater Inn in Easton, Maryland on 17 Jan 2014. It was a nice event on the topic of green energy for the Delmarva peninsula. The project is funded by the Town Creek Foundation, based in Easton, Maryland. Four municipal governments – Cambridge, Easton, Salisbury, and […]

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January 16, 2014

The poetry and art of Nicholas Copernicus

‘Scientists Who Made a Difference‘ series This blog accompanying the biographical sketch of Nicholas Copernicus looks at a selection of his writing as poetry and a selection of his scientific sketches as art. The ‘Poetry’ uses Copernicus’ exact words (translated into English) in prose form, using the title ‘The Earth Moves’ to focus on the […]

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January 14, 2014

Nicholas Copernicus and the Copernican Revolution

‘Scientists Who Made a Difference‘ series Nicholas Copernicus was an interesting renaissance man who overcame the existing paradigm placing earth in the center of the solar system to the new paradigm of a heliocentric view that earth and the planets revolved around the sun. This perspective led to the Copernican revolution which occurred after Copernicus […]

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January 9, 2014

Moreton Bay, Australia: Environmental Literacy

‘Environmental Literacy‘ series The seven environmental literacy points for Moreton Bay (Australia) are the following: Moreton Bay is a shallow productive embayment formed by large sand barrier islands on the east coast of Australia Extensive seagrass meadows support large populations of green sea turtles and dugong The Moreton Bay watershed has an extensive network of […]

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January 7, 2014

Scientists who made a difference: Celebrating effective science application

Scientists whose work has affected society are noteworthy for their abilities to a) produce good scientific results, b) effectively communicate these results to broad audiences and c) affect decisions and perspectives of society. These noteworthy scientists will be celebrated in this blog series on ‘Scientists who made a difference‘. Of the four pillars of scholarship […]

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January 2, 2014

Environmental Literacy: Determining the essential elements necessary for understanding a topic or a place

Environmental literacy refers to the most basic information necessary for the broadest understanding of a topic that non-experts need to possess to be conversant about the topic. Just as literacy or numeracy refers to the basic ability necessary to read or perform mathematical tasks, environmental literacy provides the basic ability to make informed environmental decisions. […]

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