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sonoran desert flora

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Hello Tracey,

I have assembled a short list of various plants and animals that would be useful for my project. I have named them correctly, at least to genus name often to species, but have not included the common names. Would you like me to pass those on to you too? I have tried to give you shots of the detail as well as a shot that gives a sense for the whole plant. No rush as I have already put preliminary models up on the web and will use these to enrich those images whenever they are ready. I will be sending a few at a time so expect a few emails.
Thanks so much and let me know if you have any questions.

Sarah Studd
NPS Intern
Tucson AZ.

Hi Sarah,
The common names would be useful too if you know them already. Otherwise I'll just look them up on the web.

If you'd like, you can just keep replying to this message to post the new symbol requests you have?



I'm going to leave it at that for today and send a few more tomorrow or wednesday. The Agave is known as a Century plant, the Centaurea is a yellow starthistle and the Calliandra is known as Fairy Duster.

Thanks, Sarah.

Hello Tracey, 

Here is the next batch for you. I am attaching Larrea tridentata, (creosote bush) and Opuntia  phaeacantha,(Prickly pear cactus). 

Thank you, Sarah.

Hello Tracey,

I wanted to check in with you and see how progress was going on the Sonoran Desert plants I had sent through. I appreciate I sent quite a few!! but wondered if you had completed any?

Thanks for your time



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