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Please participate in the Poll and also provide any comments on:

1. How useful you found the symbol libraries
2. Any errors you discovered
3. Suggestions for new symbols, swatches and bases

I just came across these today and have to give you a big hurrah! It is great to see such great work, a great community and free on top of it. I am actually an animation student and was looking for some prehistoric plant references I could use as a starting point when I stumbled on this. Keep up the great work.
The pictures you provide are really good, and its great you are providing them for free (especially for researchers without a lot of funding...). I'm using them for something totally different (psycholinguistic research with eyetracking), but they suit my purposes very well. I wish I could contribute back, but I'm only beginning to use vector graphics, so animals are still quite difficult. I do have a fair amount of everyday objects though, but I guess they don't belong here. Maybe one day we will make them available to the community in some way (although we'd have to check copyright issues first).


Actually I was searching a walking camel symbol for illustrator and I found it in IAN symbols library, not just that here are a lot more.
Thanks to every one whos are involve in this project.

I promise I will share my ideas and created symbols with all members.

With Regards

Great work. I work as Natural Resource Manager and it was of tremendous use for me. I congratulate all those who accomplished such a nice work.


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