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I was wondering whether it would be feasible/useful to have a "real-time" report card on the website.  Since we will have a database of all of the data collected and a list of thresholds it might be interesting to have a dynamic report card that updates when new data is uploaded to the database.  This would allow both park managers and the public to see what the effects of the management program are, and allow them to see immediately when/if problems have occured.  Management could change immediately to rectify any problems if needed rather than waiting until the published report card comes out months later.  We could still create an annual report card that included more in-depth analysis of any changes, good and bad. 

I think this would add some very cool functionality to the website.

Hi Lisa,

It sounds like a good idea to me if we can figure out a system of calculations, cutoffs and lookup tables to determine the report card ratings based on the values of all the indicators. This would be very similar to what we already have in place for calculating the Overall Eutrophic Condition, ASSETS score etc on the NEEA website.



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