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Author Topic: Posting Guidelines - Please Read!  (Read 3919 times)

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Posting Guidelines - Please Read!
« on: March 11, 2008, 03:03:53 pm »
Welcome beta testers,

Please follow these guidelines to make everyone's life easier.

1) When reporting a bug, comment or feature request for the vital signs website, please be sure to search previous posts to make sure it hasn't already been discussed.

2) Please make the subject of the topic informative - think about what you would look for if you were searching for information on the problem.

3) When reporting a bug, please make sure you provide the complete url (e.g. http://www.npsvitalsigns.net/data/?vsid=forest_vegetation&location_code=all&step1=park&step2=prwi&query_submission=yes&tab=1&start_date=2006-07-13&end_date=2006-08-30) which caused the bug as well as your browser and operating system, including specific versions (e.g. Windows XP, Firefox 3 beta 4).

4) When reporting a bug, please give a detailed explanation of the problem, not simply - "it did not work". Copy and paste any error messages, and if you think it will help, upload a screenshot showing the problem.

The website has had little external feedback until now, so there are likely to be some bugs (a few are known about, but none that are known about are critical to operation) and things that don't make logical sense to everyone - just because I though it was logical doesn't mean it will make sense to everyone else.

It has mostly been tested on Firefox, but has recently been tested on IE and Safari and had a bunch bugs eliminated. These are all on PC versions - there has been no testing on Mac or Linux versions of any browsers yet.

Please be brutal - we want to make this website as useful and user-friendly as possible. I will do my best to incorporate as many suggestions as possible.