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Thanks to all of you who attended the meeting yesterday - I have expanded the mailing list alittle to include those who could not. 

The short summary is that the group agreed on two focal points for immediate improvements to  the CBOS system - better in situ wind and wave measurements, and an 'interoperability demonstration project' using dissolved oxygen as the initial observation.  The exact nature of how to address these tasks is left to the participants to decide - and needs to be done fairly quickly, because some decision has to be made in the next 2 weeks.

Initial sentiment seemed to be towards
3 permanent wind/wave installations in the N, C, and S bay;
Development of a less expensive (i.e., USCG AtoN deployed sensor) for better spatial resolution;
Implementation of a real time DO network based on upgraded existing resources;
Formation of a CBOS Data Management group to help facilitate the interoperability experiment
Availability of NOS CB mouth CODAR data to community

Anybody want to start the dialogue?

Mailing list
Doug   Wilson                                                         
Tony   Siebers                                                         Larry   Atkinson                     
Larry    Sanford                                    
Tom   Gross 1                                                         
Tom    Gross 2                                                               
Jay    Austin                                                            
Bruce    Michael                                                            
Peter    Stone                                                               
Mark   Bushnell                                                               
Randy    Cone                                                               
Bill    Dennison                                                            
Willy   Reay                                                                  
Carl    Friedrichs                                                                  
John    Brubaker                                                               
Bill   Boicourt                                                               
Kevin   Sellner                                                                  
Tom   Royer                                                                                                


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