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1st try at concept model of variation of mangrove health along a transect


Hi! I downloaded the *.eps symbols, and tried making a concept model using Photoshop.

Attached is my first try at doing a concept model on variation of mangrove health along a transect. Constructive comments are most welcome!

Hi there,

Great effort, but I think you could create a better looking diagram by utilizing one of our bases. I have attached a very quick draft of what I had in mind. Obviously I have not scaled things very well and the mangroves, caterpillar etc are too small to be very effective, but hopefully you get the idea and can play with this yourself.

I have included an AI (Illustrator) version as well. Do you have Illustrator? What about CorelDraw or some other vector illustration package? If not, you can download Inkscape ( for free. It is not as powerful as Illustrator, but should be able to handle anything you need for creating a diagram. A vector program will allow you so much more flexibility to modify our symbols.

Also on the actual content of the diagram - I am curious about the caterpillar herbivory being on the far left tree and the right most yellow tree. Is this meaningful? Perhaps there is some reason for this that you could explain further on the diagram. Are there other elements coming into play? Nutrient or toxicants in the area? Maybe you could also indicate anoxia in the sediment if this is appropriate.

If you decide to download Inkscape, let me know and I can post an SVG (the default format for Inkscape) of the diagram I created.

Hope that helps,

Hi Adrian,

Thank you for the reply! I realised that I had placed the post in the incorrect section. Sorry for that!

I think the base looks great, and I will definitely work on the concept model further. The caterpillar herbivory being on the far left tree and the right most yellow tree were based on field observations.

Thanks also for the tip on Inkscape! I do not have any vector programs and have just downloaded Inkscape.

Kind regards,

If you are going to start using Inkscape, you might want to consider downloading the complete SVG version of the symbol libraries.

Here is the above diagram in SVG for you.



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