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Author Topic: Request for AIS symbol: najas minor  (Read 6342 times)

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Request for AIS symbol: najas minor
« on: March 19, 2010, 10:18:40 am »
We are a lake association (Lake George, NY) working on an educational publication about the invasive species that have been found in our lake.  We have 4 species (that we know of!) so far, and 3 of them you already have symbols for.  I was hoping we might be able to get a symbol for the 4th one - brittle or European naiad (najas minor) made. This is a common AIS for many lakes in the NE region.  Thank you very much for considering the request.

it is a rooted aquatic plant, with small. slender leaves that are pointed and serrated. the leaves are variously arranged. the arching leaves for tufts toward the growing tip.