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Author Topic: Symbol request - BIHO  (Read 9022 times)

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Symbol request - BIHO
« on: November 30, 2010, 11:56:45 am »
Hello Tracey:
At the Upper Columbia Basin Network we have started using conceptual diagrams, and would like to request 3 symbols that would assist us in the development of a report for Big Hole National Battlefield. Attached you will find 4 photos from this park. The first two photos are landscapes from this park. The first photo would work great as a base symbol for our diagram. You will see that the river and the encampment in this photo are not as pronounced as we would like. This is why I included the second photo for your reference, so you can see how the river and encampment look. The third photo is of a camas lily (Camassia quamash), and the last photo is of a lemhi penstemon (Penstemon lemhiensis).
If you could assist us with these symbols, we would greatly appreciate it.
Paulina Starkey