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Author Topic: FREE! 2500+ Vector Scientific Symbols  (Read 19129 times)

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FREE! 2500+ Vector Scientific Symbols
« on: March 21, 2004, 01:19:19 pm »
I am updating this post to mention that the IAN Symbol Libraries now contains 2500+ symbols across 55 libraries. They are designed specifically for enhancing science communication skills for the graphically challenged. Diagrammatic representations of complex processes can be developed easily with minimal graphical skills. Our aim is to make them a standard resource for scientists, resource managers, community groups and environmentalists worldwide. They are currently being used in more than 230 countries.

We now have vector (AI & SVG) and raster (PNG) versions available. Our custom download builder lets you search all the symbols by keyword and download only those symbols you need.

Also new is our online vector diagramming tool which lets you create diagrams online without specialized vector software. Diagrams can be saved to your computer in vector (SVG) format for further editing, or raster (PNG) for inclusion in your presentations/publications.

The libraries are available cost and royalty free.

Also available for download is a searchable index (PDF) of all the available symbols and an interactive flash tutorial on how to use the symbols with Adobe Illustrator.

Download the symbols:

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Re: FREE! 1500+ Scientific Symbols for Illustrator
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2005, 02:24:47 pm »
This is a wonderful site. I am responsible for providing presentation materials for a project dealing with the capture and re-use, if you will, of stormwater. I can't be more specific at this time. There are many symbols here that will help me in developing conceptual diagrams to that end.

I can't remember how I got here, but I'm sure glad I did. Thanks to all of you who contribute. We the graphically challenged applaud you.


Offline Iestyn

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Re: FREE! 1500+ Scientific Symbols for Illustrator
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2006, 12:08:52 pm »
Any idea where I could get a library of basic symbols for marking on maps. I mean small coloured squares, triangles, circles etc. They would be very useful for me.



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Re: FREE! 1500+ Scientific Symbols for Illustrator
« Reply #3 on: April 17, 2006, 01:07:03 pm »
Hi Iestyn,

We do have a "Mapping & Navigation" library in the IAN symbol libraries if this might help you.

Otherwise, it's fairly simple to draw coloured squares, triangles, and circles.

In the tool palette, you should see the 'rectangle tool' on the right hand side and four down. If you hold down the shift key while you click and drag with this tool it will make a square.

There is also an 'ellipse tool' underneath this tool, just hold down the rectangle tool on the palette and you will see this option show up. The 'ellipse tool' works the same way - if you hold down shift while you click and drag using this tool it will make a circle rather than an oval.

To get a triangle is a little different. There is a "star tool" in the same set of tools underneath the rectangle tool. Select this tool and just click once on the artboard. A dialogue box will appear, so change the number of points to "3" and you will get a beautiful equilateral triangle.

Hope this helps,

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Re: FREE! 1500+ Scientific Symbols for Illustrator
« Reply #4 on: January 16, 2007, 07:55:54 am »
thanx 1500+ timesssss