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Author Topic: Feedback Summary for CW CESU Commander's Conference  (Read 10803 times)

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Feedback Summary for CW CESU Commander's Conference
« on: May 11, 2004, 02:12:43 pm »
The votes are in and the Commander's Conference was rated VERY GOOD - not bad for the first cooperative CW CESU partnership between DoD and the University of Maryland, Center for Environmental Sciences!  Overall we received 7 EXCELLENTs, 13 VERY GOODs, 3 GOODs, 2 FAIRs and (thankfully) 0 POORs.  Using a 5.0 scale, this averages to a 4.0 for the overall VERY GOOD rating.  Congratulations to the DoD/UMCES team that put this all together!

Positive comments focused on Ann Swanson's excellent executive overview of the federal role in the Bay program, the overall scientific focus of the presentations, the lunch with scientists format, nutrient management, LID, invasive species control, wetland restoration under CERCLA, etc.

Suggestions for improvement focused on logistics (send out invitations sooner, more breaks!), site specific problems (noise, COLD!) and general observations that the conference was too long (make it two days vice one), presentations were too detailed (research oriented vice geared directly to military leadership) and MORE MILITARY REPRESENTATIVES NEEDED TO ATTEND!

We will take these suggestions under consideration and focus on these areas for future improvements - THANKS TO ALL THAT PARTICIPATED!