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Author Topic: Symbol Request for lizards  (Read 29179 times)

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Symbol Request for lizards
« on: May 06, 2013, 04:02:13 pm »
I'd love to see some more lizards in your reptiles library! Attached are photos of my study species:

Sceloporus occidentalis, western fence lizard
  • first picture is of a standard stance of this species (and its congeners), with typical dorsal markings (the darker chevrons on gray-brown mottling)
  • second picture shows the blue belly and throat, which appear during mating season
  • If you could add some blue to the "standard stance" icon, it would really accentuate the species ID. No need to make an icon just of the blue belly picture.

Aspidoscelis hyperythra, orange-throated whiptail
  • picture shows a great pose for this lizard
  • He's closing one of his eyelids - you can make his eye black instead of that grey
  • His tail has also regenerated (near where his longest right rear toe is "pointing") - no need to show that in the icon
  • Their very long tails are often slightly bluish tinged, especially in juveniles
  • Throats are bright orange on males during mating season, though females also turn orange

Thanks for all you do!
~Tara L