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August 2012  
Florida book cover
Tropical Connections: South Florida's marine environment.
Tropical Connections: South Florida's marine environment Permanent Link
This comprehensive book summarizes information on the south Florida marine ecosystem in a manner that is easy to read and understand. It covers physical and biological oceanography, ecology, human impacts, and climate change, and is unique in that it consists of fact pages that were prepared by 162 experts in their scientific disciplines. Filled with rich graphics and photos, the book is appropriate for students, educators, scientists, and stakeholders. Tropical Connections is now available for purchase from IAN Press in both hard copy and downloadable electronic versions.

Newsletter cover
A vision for effective and streamlined reporting in the Pacific newsletter.
A vision for effective and streamlined reporting in the Pacific Permanent Link
The burden of global, regional, and project reporting has been a longstanding concern of Pacific Island Countries and Territories, particularly on Smaller Island States. This newsletter uses an environmental case study to showcase how a simple, targeted, and strategic monitoring and reporting framework can facilitate streamlined reporting by allowing data and information to be used for multiple reporting requirements.

Symbol with Add to Cart icon and text
Example of buying non-attribution rights to a symbol from the IAN libraries.
Non-attribution rights to IAN symbols and images now available Permanent Link
The IAN symbol and image libraries have always been, and always will be, provided completely free for any use as long as the appropriate attribution (credit) is included. However, an increasing number of people have requested to use our images without this credit, either because it detracts from their layout or design, or simply because they want a cleaner, more professional, and branded appearance. Users now have the option to purchase the rights to use our symbols and images without the need for attribution. This means they can be used in company logos, on merchandise for sale, or any other situation where the attribution is not appropriate. This does not in any way affect the ability to use them for free; it simply makes them available for uses that were previously not possible.

Kate Bentsen and cake
Kate with Dahuisi, a Ming Dynasty temple built in 1513. Her apartment in Beijing overlooks the temple.
Farewell Kate Bentsen Permanent Link
Kate Bentsen, IAN intern and then IAN Science Communicator, has moved to Beijing, China to work at the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences. She will work to develop river health report cards for 10 catchments throughout China. Kate worked at IAN from December 2009 - June 2012, and in that time, produced newsletters, books, reports, educational modules, seminar videos, and National Resource Condition Assessments. While at IAN, Kate collaborated with a number of partners including the National Park Service, Conservation International, World Wildlife Fund, Florida Sea Grant, and MD Department of Natural Resources. We wish Kate the best in her career path and look forward to future collaborations and interactions.

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