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March 2017  
IAN opens its doors for Annapolis Open House! Permanent Link
The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science is hosting an Open House at their new Annapolis Office location; 429 Fourth St. in the Eastport area of Annapolis. The Open House will be from 4 to 6 pm on Wednesday 5 April 2017. Please stop by for refreshments and nibbles as we show off our new facility.
A traditional fisherman throws his net outside the workshop venue.
A traditional fisherman throws his net outside the workshop venue.
The Mariana Islands are a unique part of the United States Permanent Link
Guam and Saipan are both islands in the Mariana Archipelago and belong to two different US territories. Guam is it's own territory at the southern end of the island chain, and Saipan is part of the Commonwealth for the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), which includes all the other islands. IAN traveled to Guam and Saipan to conduct report card workshops for the Mariana Islands. This is the fifth report card for the NOAA Coral Reef Report Card project, following the pilots in American Samoa and Florida. Heath, Caroline, and Alex facilitated the workshops with about 25 participants. The Mariana Islands have not only a rich diversity in coral reefs, but also a fascinating history of colonization by many groups, from the Chamorros to the Americans.

Emily Nastase joins the IAN team as a Science Communicator
Welcome to the IAN team, Emily!
IAN welcomes new Science Communicator, Emily Nastase Permanent Link
Emily Nastase is the new Science Communicator with IAN at the Cambridge office. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in May with a dual degree in Biology and Communication Arts: Scientific Illustration. In the past she has been the assistant to an ornithologist, a graphic design intern at the Science Museum of Virginia, and a freelance artist. So far, Emily has created a handful of graphs and visuals for various IAN assignments, presentations, and blog posts. Next month she will head to the Everglades to help launch the RECOVER 2019 System Status Report assignment. Her mission as an artist and biologist is to learn by observing and exploring the natural world and to share that knowledge through her artwork She believes IAN will be the perfect place for her to achieve her goal. Some of Emily's favorite pastimes are birding, painting, hiking, backpacking, and traveling!

IAN welcomes new science communication intern, Jamie Currie
Welcome to the IAN team, Jamie!
IAN welcomes new Science Communication Intern, James Currie Permanent Link
As someone who has always been interested in science communication, James is excited to be joining the IAN team as a multimedia intern. He recently graduated from Kenyon College, with a biology and film double major. He is particularly looking forward to working with the IAN team because this will be the first professional opportunity he has had to put both his scientific and artistic interests to use. James grew up in Maine, and in his free time enjoys filmmaking, hiking, wading through swamps, running away from things, getting lost, diving and generally spending time in the great outdoors.

IAN welcomes new web developer, Dan Brellis
Welcome to the IAN team, Dan!
IAN welcomes new Web Developer, Dan Brellis Permanent Link
Dan is joining the UMCES/Chesapeake Bay Team (CBP) team from the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay where he worked for 7 years leading on-the-ground restoration programs, like trash cleanups and tree plantings, and building and managing the Alliance's web presence and portfolio. He graduated from Towson University with a BS in Organismal Biology and Ecology. As a young kid, Dan started teaching himself web development which grew from a hobby to a focused desire to learn new skills and technologies. Through IAN, Dan will be working with the CBP as a web developer on their suite of websites. Born and raised in Baltimore, Dan loves his home state of Maryland and it's close ties to the Chesapeake Bay. He and his wife just bought an old farm in Baltimore County near Loch Raven Reservoir with their two cats and 11 chickens where they look forward to many home renovations. With any free time, Dan enjoys backpacking, homesteading, sailing (in the Baltimore harbor), and volunteering his web skills with non-profits.

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