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Article from the July 2007 edition
Hypoxia forecast map
The volume of hypoxic water in the Bay’s mainstem this July is predicted to be similar to that recorded in July 2004.
Dissolved oxygen forecast update
The dissolved oxygen forecast released last month has now been updated to include a prediction of mainstem hypoxic volume, a prediction of Potomac River summer anoxic volume, and a more confident prediction of mainstem summer anoxic volume. The hypoxic volume forecast was produced by Dr. Don Scavia of the University of Michigan. He predicts that the average volume of hypoxic water in the Bay during July will be 9.6 km3 (with a 67% probability that hypoxic volume will be between 7.0 and 11.5 km3), making this the sixth worst year since 1985. The updated anoxic forecast produced by David Jasinski, predicts that the summer anoxic volume will be 1.29+/-0.51 km3, slightly smaller than the prediction of 1.39+/-0.52 km3 made in early June. More information on the forecasts can be accessed on the EcoCheck website.

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