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Article from the August 2007 edition
NEEA Report Cover
Report on the eutrophication of U.S. estuaries.
Eutrophication report released at the National Press Club
The National Estuarine Eutrophication Assessment (NEEA) report titled "Effects of nutrient enrichment in the Nation's estuaries: A decade of change" was officially released this week at the National Press Club. The report provides an assessment of eutrophic conditions for 141 U.S. estuaries. The report was based on data and information provided by scientists and experts from around the country. Results from the assessment show that two-thirds of the estuaries evaluated exhibited moderate to high levels of eutrophication. Report production was a collaborative effort between Suzanne Bricker (NOAA NCCOS), EcoCheck (NOAA-UMCES Partnership), and IAN.

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