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Article from the August 2007 edition
Title Pursuit Game
One of the clues given in IAN's new activity, Title Pursuit. This activity helps scientists create active titles for their communications.
Science Communication Course at the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Dr. Margaret Palmer, Director of the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory (CBL), invited the Integration and Application Network to hold a one-day Science Communication course on July 12, 2007 in Solomons Island, Maryland. Nine participants from CBL gained hands-on experience using graphics software and developing conceptual diagrams and figures for various communications. This course introduced a newly-implemented activity, Title Pursuit, where participants create active, concise titles from the clues given to them in graphs and photos. In conjunction with another of our activities, Conceptionary, we will use this activity to help scientists practice the principles of effective science communication. Instructors for the course were Bill Dennison, Jane Hawkey, and Joanna Woerner.

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