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Article from the December 2007 edition
2007 Chesapeake Bay summer review
Review of 2007 Chesapeake Bay summer conditions (newsletter)
A summer of poor water clarity, algal blooms, and fish kills (Summer lookback newsletter)
This year's drought led to lower than normal nutrient and sediment discharge into the Bay during the summer. With fewer sediments and nutrients entering the Bay, the health of the Bay may have been expected to improve, however, this was not the case for water clarity, harmful algal blooms, and fish kills. While dissolved oxygen in the mainstem was still poor this summer, the volume of oxygen depleted water was relatively small compared to the past 22 years. This newsletter summarizes summer conditions, offers some explanations as to why they may have occurred, and compares observations to the forecast made this past spring. Produced in collaboration with the Chesapeake Bay Program's Monitoring and Analysis Subcommittee.

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