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Article from the May 2008 edition
NCEAS Workshop Group
Participants at the NCEAS sponspored workshop to develop a report card framework for the San Francisco Estuary.
San Francisco Estuary report card scoping workshop
A workshop sponsored by the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis was held at the Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies on the shores of San Francisco Bay. The scoping workshop was organized by Drs. Erica Fleishman (NCEAS), Wim Kimmerer (San Francisco State University) and Bill Dennison (IAN). Workshop participants developed a report card framework based on the pelagic organism decline in the San Francisco Estuary. The pelagic organism decline is a relatively recent (ca. 2000), precipitous reduction in the numbers of various species of estuarine fish (e.g., delta smelt, threadfin smelt, longfin smelt and striped bass). A suite of water quality parameters and habitat features relevant to the pelagic organism decline was developed to form the draft indicators for a San Francisco Estuary report card.

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