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Article from the November 2008 edition
Report card team
Team that recently met at the Annapolis Synthesis Center to discuss standardization of the report card process.
Regional report card project initiated
Report cards are increasingly being used by community organizations to assess and communicate the health of their local waterway. IAN/EcoCheck staff are taking the lead in an effort to promote synergies and uniformity among these efforts, with an aim to make report cards widely used and comparable. Staff from a variety of organizations recently met at the Annapolis Synthesis Center to start addressing issues from data analysis through to design and layout of report cards. In addition, IAN/EcoCheck will also produce two new report cards this year, one for the MD Coastal Bays and a second for the Severn River. Organizations involved in the project include: Chesapeake Bay Trust, MD Coastal Bays Program, Patuxent, Severn and West/Rhodes Riverkeepers, and the Chester River, South River and Sassafras River Associations.

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