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Article from the June 2009 edition
Lucy and Kimmy at farewell celebration
Lucy and Kimmy displaying their IAN water bottles customized with their favorite symbols at their farewell celebration.
IAN interns head to graduate schools
Lucy van Essen-Fishman and Kim Kraeer finished their 10 month IAN internships in May. Both are headed to graduate schools in the fall—Lucy will be traveling to Oxford University, U.K. to study ancient Greek, while Kimmy will be moving to Washington, D.C. to study biology at American University after a summer working as a dolphin trainer at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. The two interns were instrumental in developing and testing the environmental negotiating game "Trade-Off!" and in creating hundreds of new symbols for the IAN symbol library. In addition, they made substantial contributions to the COSEE Coastal Trends website and aided IAN Science Integrators and Science Communicators in a variety of projects throughout their internships. Lucy and Kimmy were wonderful to work with and we wish them great success in graduate school.

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