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Article from the November 2005 edition
Conceptual diagram by Adrienne Sutton
One of the many conceptual diagrams utilizing IAN Symbols used in Adrienne Sutton's winning poster at the MEES Colloquium.
IAN Symbols used in winning poster at MEES Colloquium
The 2005 Marine Estuarine Environmental Sciences (MEES) graduate program colloquium was held at the Center of Marine Biotechnology in Baltimore on October 7-8, 2005 with a student poster session on the second day. Forty-three posters were judged by a panel of MEES faculty, and Adrienne Sutton of the UMCES Horn Point Lab received the “outstanding” award and a $500 stipend for her poster, describing her research on the impact of restored riparian buffers on nutrient inputs at the watershed scale. Employing IAN’s extensive symbol libraries and science communication techniques, along with some guidance from IAN’s Tim Carruthers, she created conceptual diagrams, illustrating the points of her study. Adrienne says she is “now officially an IAN convert” and enthusiastically encourages others to take advantage of the IAN resources.

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