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Article from the December 2009 edition
STAR logo
The STAR logo identifies the tools that will be used by the team: GIS, modeling, monitoring, web, and information management.
STAR team formed at Chesapeake Bay Program
A new Science & Technical Analysis & Reporting (STAR) team has been formed to facilitate the scientific support at the Chesapeake Bay Program. The STAR team includes monitoring, modeling, geographic information science, web, and information management scientists and will be initially chaired by Bill Dennison. University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science staff at the Chesapeake Bay Program (Katie Foreman, Jeni Keisman, Sucharith Ravi, Guy Stephens, Ping Wang, Howard Weinberg, Jing Wu, and Guido Yactayo) will participate in the STAR activities to support the Goal Implementation Teams. The Goal Teams have been charged with delivery of the Chesapeake Bay Program targets and milestones. ChesapeakeStat is a data delivery system being created to provide resource managers accurate and timely information for decision-making, and the STAR team will populate the data layers, conduct analyses, and interpret data for ChesapeakeStat.

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