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Article from the January 2006 edition
TMAW presentations
Collage of some of the talks presented at the Ecological Forecasting Symposium.
Ecological Forecasting Symposium
On December 1st, 2005, the Integration and Application Network, in collaboration with the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Tidal Monitoring and Analysis Workgroup, convened a symposium on ecological forecasting in Chesapeake Bay. The symposium included presentations and discussions related to forecasts of dissolved oxygen, harmful algal blooms, aquatic grasses, menhaden, and sea nettles. There was excellent turnout to the symposium, with many UMCES staff attending and presenting their work. As a result of the symposium, it is expected that the Chesapeake Bay Program’s summer forecasts, released in May each year, will be improved by addition of new forecasts (e.g., menhaden) and increasing the accuracy of others (e.g., dissolved oxygen). Presentations given at the symposium can be viewed on the Chesapeaka Bay Program website.

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